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              Building and improving the sophisticated manufacturing system

              Products Porfolio

              Sales Model

              “Light Tower”Plants

              R&D Talent

              • Businesses & Markets


                Businesses & Markets

                Production, sales, and after-sales service for 7 categories of semi-trailers worldwide.

                Competitive and innovative manufacturer of truck bodies for specialty vehicles in China.

                Professional, leading manufacturer of refrigerated van bodies in China.

              • Multi-Brand Strategy


                Multi-Brand Strategy

                Operates Tonghua, Huajun, SCVC SAILING, Ruijiang Vehicles, Lingyu Vehicles, Liangshan Dongyue, and other brands in China.

                Operates well-known brands such as Vanguard and CIE in North America.

                Operates long-established brands such as SDC and LAG in Europe.

              • Sophisticated Manufacturing System


                Sophisticated Manufacturing System

                13 "light tower" plants for manufacturing semi-trailers, 6 for manufacturing truck bodies for specialty vehicles, and 2 for manufacturing refrigerated van bodies in and outside of China.

                Numerous series of semi-trailer "product modules".

                Continues to work on comprehensively building and improving the "high-end manufacturing system".

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                News Center
                CIMC Vehicles Continue to Rank No. 1 in the Global Semi-trailer Manufacturer Hitting New Height in "Intercontinental Operation"
                (22 September 2021—HONG KONG) The world’s leading manufacturer of sophisticated manufacturing for semi-trailers and specialty vehicles, CMIC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd. (“CIMC Vehicles” or the “Group”, Stock code: 301039.SZ/01839.HK) continued to rank the first in the global semi-trailer manufacturer in terms of production volume, according to the 2021 Global OEM Ranking List for semi-trailer manufacturers announced by Global Trailer.
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                News Center
                CIMC Vehicles’s IPO on Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s GEM Gets Approval from GEM Listing Committee of Shenzhen Stock Exchange
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                News Center
                CIMC Vehicles (01839.HK) Records Revenue of RMB18.80 billion for the First Three Quarters, Up by 7.3% Year-on-Year
              • 28
                News Center
                CIMC Vehicles Delivers Stable Results in 1H 2020
                Revenue generated during the first half of 2020 amounted to RMB11.2 billion, and profit for the period totaled RMB696.6 million. As at 30 June 2020, the Group maintained a healthy financial position with total assets and net assets amounting to RMB20.9 billion and RMB10.0 billion, respectively.
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                News Center
                Leading the Industry over the Past 13 Years, CIMC-SHAC Is Grateful to Its Staff
                CIMC-SHAC arranged all staff to celebrate the anniversary of its inception through “Online Racing Games + Offline Public Welfare” activities while upholding the principle of simplicity.
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                News Center
                Shenzhen CIMC Special Vehicle Signs an Order for 1,500 Chassis Trailers
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